Acrylic Art Pouring

As many may know, I am the CEO and lead designer for Junction ( )

I have been an artist my entire life, however, I started pouring about 5 years ago. I started with watercolor painting as an alternative to creating and designing digitally. I loved the watercolor marble effect but wanted to try something that had more of a flow to it and discovered acrylic pouring. Pour art has become a passion of mine and really relaxing. Though I have some amazing collectors, I try not to take on too many commissions. I want to be able to use pouring as an escape versus something that becomes and feels like work. Some thing I can use to relax, unwind, take my time and create with intention.


Acrylic Art Pour

Below you will find a list of items used for this pour:


Liquitex Gloss Medium

Golden Acrylics Carbon Black

Golden Acrylics Zinc White

Half Cup of water


Pro Tip:

Measure how much paint you need for your canvas and make that plus and extra half of the amount needed to cover the canvas.