Established in 2017 by the talented artist and designer Jonnell Chavez (@jonnellchavez), Junction (@jnct.co) stands as a testament to the beautiful intersection where art and design meet.

The brand was born out of Jonnell’s profound love for travel, which is clearly reflected in the diversity and creativity of the items she produces and curates.

The cornerstone of Junction, however, is not merely artistic expression but also a strong emphasis on empowering women. Chavez encourages women to be their authentic selves and to embrace their individuality. This is woven through each piece, creating an overarching theme of strength and self-confidence that resonates with the modern woman.

Each piece in the Junction collection is carefully handcrafted or curated by Chavez herself, ensuring that every detail is perfect and that each item reflects her creative vision. From the conception of an idea to the final product, Chavez ensures that her pieces are an embodiment of art, design, and inspiration.

Her vision of the modern woman is one who is not defined by societal expectations, but by her own beliefs, desires, and ambitions. Each product from Junction aims to encourage this spirit of individuality and strength.

Whether you're looking for an item to express your personal style or a gift that will inspire and uplift, you're likely to find something special in this delightful intersection of art and design.